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NeoCrypt Installer for Windows

This is the NeoCrypt installation package for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP. It also installs the required cryptlib DLL. Just download the setup program and then run it to install NeoCrypt on your computer. The following link will take you to the SourceForge download server where you will be presented with a list of mirrors to download from. Click on any one to begin the download.

File Size: ~580 KB

NeoCrypt Source Distribution

This is the latest NeoCrypt source distribution. You need MSVC 6 + STLport or VC.NET 2002/2003 for compiling the source code. For compiling with MSVC 6, you can get STLport 4.5.3 or later from the STLport web-site link provided below. Project files are provided for MSVC 6 which can also be used with VC.NET. Additionally you will have to download and compile the cryptLib Security Toolkit. You can get it from their web-site (provided below). For the NeoCrypt source distribution you can either get the .zip package or the .bz2 package. Select any one.

Source .zip package

Source .bz2 package

cryptLib Website

STLport Download (for MSVC 6 users only)