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NeoCrypt is a free, open-source File Protection Utility for Windows. It helps you to protect your sensitive information easily by encrypting it with password(s). An intuitive user interface allows even novice users to use this utility to its full potential. It yields fast, reliable and unbreakable encryption and supports many popular encryption algorithms.

NeoCrypt is Copyright (C) Arijit De, 2003 and distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) License. This means that you can use and distribute this software freely subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later.

NeoCrypt 1.1a Release

Fixed the "Missing registry installation info" bug in this release. Also upgraded the dialogs to the modern look & feel in Windows XP. These trivial fixes should have been made a couple of years ago, but I got busy with other stuff. Thanks to users for the bug reports and patience.

On a side note, I'm currently working on getting Windows to optionally display an icon overlay to help identify files encrypted with Neocrypt, but not really succeeding in it (I haven't programmed in Windows for quite a while). Any help would be welcome.

Posted by Arijit De on 27 June, 2005.

NeoCrypt 1.1 Beta Release

NeoCrypt 1.1 Beta with new features has just been released. You can get the Windows installation or the source distribution from the Download page. You can look at the new features and changes in the Features page and Changes page respectively.

Posted by Arijit De on 03 June, 2003.

NeoCrypt 1.0 Beta Release

The Windows Installer for NeoCrypt 1.0 Beta and the corresponding source distribution has just been released! You can download them now from the Download page.

Posted by Arijit De on 24 May, 2003.

Source code in CVS

The NeoCrypt CVS repository hosted by SourceForge is up and running with the latest NeoCrypt 1.0 Beta source-code. You can grab it from there now if you can't wait for the next release. See CVS Access (under "NeoCrypt Project" on the left pane) to learn how.

Posted by Arijit De on 23 May, 2003.

New Website!

Welcome to the brand new NeoCrypt Website. It is still under construction, so some features may be incomplete. Mean-while you can visit the Project page hosted at Sourceforge.Net. You can post your questions at the Forums accessible from the project page.

Posted by Arijit De on 23 May, 2003.