NeoCrypt Features/TODO List/Limitations Logo

Implemented Features

  • A choice from 10 most popular and reliable encryption algorithms such as AES, DES, Triple-DES, IDEA, RC4, RC5, CAST-128, BlowFish, SkipJack. Say thanks to the cryptlib Security Toolkit :-)
  • (NEW!) Integration with Windows Shell. Now you can encrypt/decrypt any file by simply right-clicking on it in Windows Explorer and selecting "NeoCrypt".
  • Batch file encryption. Whole directories can be encrypted at once.
  • Encryption with multiple passwords which can be decrypted by any one of those passwords.
  • Ultra-Fast, reliable and unbreakable encryption/decryption process.
  • All types of files can be encrypted like Audio, Video, Documents and Executables without data corruption.

Planned Features/TODO List (More to come)

  • Add Public/Private key-pair encryption using RSA, DSA.
  • Integration with Windows Shell i.e. files/directories can be encrypted/decrypted directly from My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Known Limitations

  • Maximum file size that NeoCrypt can handle is 3.99 GB. (As of now, that doesn't seem to be much of a limitation, does it? ;-)
  • A maximum limit of 255 characters is imposed on the path of any file rigidly by Windows ANSI string functions. A switch to Unicode strings is planned to work around this.
  • The current version of NeoCrypt is not portable to platforms other than Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP.